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The Girl in the Steel Corset - Kady Cross I'm not gonna lie: I LOVE steampunk. Like the kind of love where I would maybe dress up that way once in a while. Not every day, mind you, and I'm not going to start wearing a Renaissance cloak or anything. But still. Steampunk is just plain awesome.

This book, well, just WOW. I was hooked from the first page and left wondering WHY IT TOOK ME SO LONG to pick it up in the first place.

I thought Finley was AWESOME. Hello, kick-a$$ heroine who isn't afraid to take anyone on. When her darker side kicked in, watch out. She was super strong (physically AND emotionally), but allowed herself to be vulnerable sometimes. I really liked that.

Plus, Griffin. I'm pretty sure he's my new book boyfriend and he looks like Alex Pettyfer in my head. I don't care what the book description says. That's who he looks like. Just plain hot, that's what. I also REALLY liked that he was so concerned with his band of misfits. I love that he was a nurturer. He just really rocked.

As far as the story goes, WOW. Loved it. I love how it all worked together and fit so nicely. I don't think I'd be capable of writing a steampunk novel, because I don't know if I'm disciplined enough to do the research. There was clearly a ton of work put into this book. I'm super impressed. Not only are there no plot holes, but there are also all sorts of awesome inventions. Seriously cool.

Okay, so it's pretty obvious that I'm a huge fan. The only thing I'd like to change? More kissing please. PLEASE.

I'm giving this book a 'Pick Me' rating! I can't wait for the 2nd book (which I need to hurry & read, since it comes out at the end of the month) to come out!