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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross Not gonna lie: Kady Cross can pretty much do no wrong for me. This was no exception. I adored The Girl in the Steel Corset and I adored The Girl in the Clockwork Collar just as much. Sequels can be a make or break type thing, and in this case, book 2 was just as good as book 1.

Man, I love it when that happens.

I was sucked right back into the story where we left off. I loved the change of scenery, going from London to New York. I loved the introduction of some new gadgets, especially the mechanical cat. It was sort of introduced in Corset, but came out more in Collar. It was cool. I keep thinking that I want to write steampunk, but then I read something this brilliant and think that maybe I should stick with just reading it. :)

I still love Finley. She's one of my very most favorite YA heroines EVER. She's strong, sassy, and not afraid to stand up for what's right. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty, and she certainly doesn't play dumb. I'd love to be best friends with her...with caution, of course. One has to stay on their toes around Finley!

I love Griffin still too. He's one of those guys who is so endearingly...everything. I can't think of a single thing that I don't love about Griffin. He's one of those fantastic guys who makes my list of book boyfriends near the top.

I love the others too...Sam, Emily (of course!), and Jasper. They're a perfect cast of supporting characters who feel mostly like main characters.

The story is fast-paced without being overwhelming and creates a perfect alternative universe for the Victorian period. I've always loved the Victorian era, but I think I prefer Kady Cross's version!

4.5 Eiffel Towers on this one.