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Shadows in the Silence - Courtney Allison Moulton First of all, many thanks to Stacey at PageTurners Blog for allowing me to be part of the traveling ARC tour for this book.

After reading Angelfire last year, I was kind of ho-hum about the whole angel book thing. I wasn't blown away by it and hesitated to pick up the sequel. As I read Wings of the Wicked, however, I found that I was being sucked in to the story and enjoying it a lot more. After finishing Shadows in the Silence, I'm glad I continued the series.

It's a fun read that answers questions I had previously. It ties up loose ends nicely, and even gives closure on a couple of things I hadn't realized I wanted closure on. I like the way things progressed, and I like the growth that both Ellie and Will experienced.

When the time came where things, ahem, changed in their relationship, I felt like Moulton did a brilliant job of it. There was an elegance to the scene and I felt like it was handled completely beautifully and appropriately. I wasn't put off by it at all.

There is kind of a big deus ex machina at the end in my opinion, which did end up detracting a bit, because I couldn't quite suspend my disbelief far enough to allow it. It's one that's up to interpretation though. I've heard from a few people who agreed with me on it and a few who didn't. So it really could go either way. In any case, it's not a huge deal and didn't leave me disliking the book.

Overall, I quite enjoyed the end to this trilogy (it's my favorite of the series), and look forward to more of what Moulton puts before us. It's a 3.5 Eiffel Tower book for me.