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The Lonely Hearts Club - Elizabeth Eulberg This is kind of the 'In Which Ems Has An Epiphany' post. I've said for a long time that I don't really like contemporary fiction, but I was looking back through my list of the books that I've loved, and a lot of them are contemporary. They're YA, adult, and middle grade. What I'm learning is that I don't particularly care for ISSUE contemporary. The lighter stuff is quickly becoming one of my favorite things.

I really loved my latest stab at contemp. The Lonely Hearts Club was just what I needed to lighten things and I'm so glad I picked it up. Obviously, it has a Beatles tone to it, and that sticks throughout the book. I'm a huge Beatles fan, so it was a fun addition. And let's be honest...what girl out there hasn't thought of starting her own Lonely Hearts Club? I know I have.

I really liked the story. I liked how things evolved with the club and with guys in general. I liked how the girls interacted. For the most part, we have teenage girls actually being nice to each other and supporting each other!


Sorry, that was me picking my jaw up off the floor. You mean it's possible for teenage girls to NOT be nasty?!

Yes! Yes, it is! It's possible for them to be nice and supportive and true friends!

That was my favorite thing about this book. It was SO incredibly refreshing. I get tired of the mean girls, you know? So you know, there is some mean girl action, but it's not the focus. It totally takes a back seat. Nice.

Really, there wasn't anything about this book that I *didn't* like. It was great! 4 Eiffel Towers great, really.