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The Revenant - Sonia Gensler I picked this one up at the local library because I thought the cover was stunning. I'd never heard of Sonia Gensler before, so I went into it blind on her writing style. I've discovered that I kind of like that. I like not knowing anything beforehand, because it really lets me start with a clean slate and no preconceived notions gleaned from others.

I found the combination of historical fiction and a little bit of paranormal quite fascinating. I really enjoyed the story. Willie made a fairly strong main character (I wish she could have stood up to Miss Crenshaw a bit more, but I do understand why she didn't) and I quite liked her. I thought she was very believable and did things that a teenager would have done. Running away may not seem like a very smart thing to do, but it was very age-appropriate considering her situation.

I liked the other characters as well. Fannie was nicely horrible, and her minions were just fawning enough. It was set up just exactly like a high school clique.

The story was nicely paced and I thought it was quite well done. Also, it's a stand-alone and I love that. It ended in a place where it *could* go into another book, but I like that so far, it's not. It's a very appropriate ending that lets the reader draw their own conclusions without being completely obtuse about it.

I liked it well enough, but probably wouldn't totally gush. For that reason, it's getting a 'Drool Worthy' rating.