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Wicked Lovely - Melissa Marr Ahhh, faeries...I love faery books. I've had this one on my list forever and finally got a copy at the library.

Let's just say it now: I loved it. Seriously loved it. Aislinn was a strong character who did things her way (though not without floundering at times, which made me like her even more. I don't like the 'perfect' character who never does anything wrong) and on her own terms.

Loved the story, loved the way things progressed and especially loved the ending.

There's a bit of language, but overall, it's not bad. And it's not gratuitous, so I'm okay with it. Still, younger readers will want to watch for that.

Loved the book and I think any faerie fans would love it too. I'm giving this a 'Pick Me' rating for being awesome! Seriously can't wait to jump into the next book in the series.