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Intervention - Robin Cook Remember that one time when I was going to be done with Robin Cook? I gave him one more chance, and it was okay. I might not be done with him after all. I liked this book better than Cure, which I was really not okay with. I was glad of that, because Dr. Cook has always been one of my favorite authors.

Intervention still has some of the things that bugged me about Cure, but a lot of things that I liked a lot better. It kind of has a special place in my heart because it deals a lot with archaeology, which I have my Bachelor's Degree in. It was interesting to read this book from that perspective, because I could understand Shawn and Sana a whole lot more than I would have otherwise. I could relate to the desire to have a world-changing discovery, while wrestling with the implications for a close friend. Not that I ever had anything even close to earth-shattering, but I could see how that would affect one's rationale.

Dr. Cook still uses too much medical jargon, in my opinion, with the assumption that the layman will understand it. I'm sorry, I don't understand it. I get basic stuff like surgery, doctor's office, and DNA. When he gets into the technical lingo, I wander. It would really be like me writing a novel where I use obscure terms that only another person in my position would understand. I don't think that's the audience that he's looking for (though I could be mistaken), so I just don't get why it's necessary to make it all scientific talk and stuff. So that has to factor into a lower rating than I'd have liked.

I also felt like the epilogue was just a tack-on for convenience sake, to tie things up in a rather messy way. It didn't fit in at all with the rest of the book. I felt like it should have been introduced as an option way earlier, and then the rest might have meshed better.

I did like that the conflict didn't involve the Mafia, for once. It was nice to have just a man vs. nature, man vs. the church situation for once instead of outgunned man with gang friends vs. overgunned and very suave Mafioso and underlings. This book took us into new territory for Dr. Cook, and I liked that.

Intervention gets a 'meh' rating, because I didn't exactly like it, but I didn't hate it either. It was in the middle for me.