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Quick Review...for when I don't have a lot to say...

After reading A Breath of Eyre and absolutely loving it, I was expecting the same from the sequel. It didn't quite live up to its predecessor, but never fear - I still enjoyed it enough.

Throughout the book, Emma kind of annoyed me. She wasn't nearly as interesting as she was in A Breath of Eyre. She seemed whiny and immature to me this time around. I kind of didn't like her, up until the end. Without spoiling that, I'll just say that she had a sudden burst of character growth and did the right thing. That redeemed her in my eyes.

I did enjoy her forays into Hester Prynne's world. I wish they'd been fleshed out a bit more, and we'd have spent more time there. I do understand that the author didn't want this to be just another incarnation of the first book, so she changed things up. It works, just not as successfully for me as the first book. It wasn't unenjoyable by any means.

Gray kind of drove me nuts. He was needy, but remote and kind of a DB this time. I adored him in the first book, so I hoped for more this time. Alas, my book boyfriend let me down. Ah well, they can't all be perfect, right?!

The secondary characters were quite enjoyable, some surprisingly so. If you read Breath of Eyre, you'll know who I mean. I liked the interactions between the main characters and the supporting cast.

In the end, this one was a 3.5 Eiffel Tower book.

Content Advisory:
Language: Mild
Sexuality: Moderate
Violence: Mild